Our Mission

‘Building capacities for managing conflicts through studies, intervention and peace awareness in the society’

Our Objectives

  • To build awareness of the need and possibilities of peace in society
  • To empower individuals and groups in building peace through training and networking.

To develop the framework for peace process through action – oriented research and intervention in current or potential conflicts.

In April 2013, Academic Associates PeaceWorks received a grant from Shoreline Natural Resources (SNR) to work in OML 30. SNR is a Nigerian indigenous company that has a 45% interest in OML 30, which is located onshore in the Niger Delta region. It included eight producing fields with a 45% interest in the segment of the Trans Forcados pipeline between the Eriemu Manifold and the Forcados River Manifold.

AA PeaceWorks is a well-established Niger Delta NGO best known for its peacebuilding work in Nigeria since 1992 and in the Niger Delta since 1996.  Recognizing AA PeaceWorks’ ability to enter and especially work with Uzere and other problematic communities, AA PeaceWorks contract was novated to NPDC as Community Relations Building Consultants in OML 30. AA PeaceWorks was charged with building a more proactive, grassroots based relationship between the community and the company. For example, through its proactive approach to community engagement, AA PeaceWorks was able to use its many years of experience to build cooperation between NPDC and Uzere community, whose flow station had been closed down for two years after a dispute with SPDC.

2015 Elections

Naija Shun Wahala

Elections in Nigeria usher in a season of violence, thus, the number of cases of deaths, kidnappings, destruction of public and private properties increases every election season. We are therefore, rolling out this platform to network with Nigerians who truly love this country to build a grassroots support and synergy against violence in the forthcoming elections.